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[icon] TechNoir Presents: The Alternative Garage Sale! - buffalo
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Subject:TechNoir Presents: The Alternative Garage Sale!
Time:11:19 pm
Sunday September 15, 2013
5-10 pm
3051 Main St., Buffalo NY 14214

TechNoir Events is proud to hook up with Broadway Joe's and a variety of local DJs to once again host Buffalo's second public indoor/outdoor Alternative Garage Sale! We look forward to this event growing with each sale. Be sure not to miss this event as we may not be holding another one until the weather gets warmer!

Please join us, bring items to trade, and rummage through alternative treasures and turn them into fabulous finds!!!

You can find anything (used and new) such as:
*CDs, DVDs, Movies
*Toys/Action Figures
*DIY/Handmade Items
*Housewares (spooky, of course) and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

We'll be filling up both the inside and as much of the outside patio area as we can with vendors!


Admission to this event is FREE!!!!!
Age limit is 16+. Anyone under 21 must have proper ID to enter.


Music for the event provided by:

DJ Leah (from WBNY 91.3 FM The Darkside radio show every Friday, also guest DJs everywhere) will be spinning from 5-6 pm

Vo Mit (from the band Corpse Bomb, owner/operator FivePlagues/Etsy and former City Club/Detroit, Radiation, TechNoir guest DJ) will be spinning from 6-7 pm

N3wt (from the band Armageddon Party and former bar back at Club Diablo) will be spinning from 7-8 pm (not live PA)

DJ Soma (former WBNY 91.3 DJ The Space Time Trip radio show and local EDM scene promoter and WNYSOR member, also has DJed everywhere) will be spinning from 8-9 pm

DJ Einsam Fechter (from Uprising, 1st Friday of the month at Broadway Joe's) will spinning from 9 til whenever he feels like stopping.

This event may go past 10 for people that want to stick around after the vendors pack up at 10.

This is not a dance party. However, since the music will be super awesome and there's alcohol involved, we can't be held responsible if dance party time occurs in random areas.


Photography of the event by Michael Nico!


Special guest bartender JEN PARKER will joining us for this event!

The bar will be open for drink purchases. The food menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, pizza logs and deep fried tater tots.


More TBA!


Interested in vending? Email technoir.events@hotmail.com for info or go to the following link to reserve your space!


We will also accept cash in person before the event.

$5 gets you a 5x5 space inside or outside.
Inside space is limited and is first come first served.
The music will be louder inside and the lighting isn't that great, but there are plenty of outlets for extra lighting.

5x5 fits a card table and a hanging rack.

$10 for any space over 5x5 inside or outside.
There are only two larger than 5x5 spaces available inside.


Brought to you by:

TechNoir Events

Broadway Joe's

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/681596405187488/
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[icon] TechNoir Presents: The Alternative Garage Sale! - buffalo
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